Tanagram Partners 2008 Redesign


Snapshot of the 2008 Home Page

Example portfolio page from 2008

Snapshot of an employee page

In Association With:
Tanagram Partners
Project Components:
  • CMS Build,
  • Interface Code Review
  • CSS,
  • HTML,
  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • Subversion,
  • Symphony CMS,
  • XML,
  • XSLT

During my stint at Tanagram Partners, the company’s design and development teams completed two website redesigns that I was heavily involved with. The purpose of the second redesign was to accommodate the company’s recent change in direction. During this redesign, I led the development team through the first iteration of the new site. While one of my colleagues built out the interface, I built out the CMS for the various content structures. Tanagram’s current site is the second iteration of what we built, but it contains much of the original code.

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