Wood Phillips


Snapshot showing the ink flow on the home page

Secondary page showing two simultaneous ink flows

Snapshot of an employee page

In Association With:
Tanagram Partners
Project Components:
  • CMS Build,
  • Interface Development
  • CSS,
  • Contribute,
  • Dreamweaver,
  • Flash,
  • HTML,
  • JavaScript

During my stint as a developer at Tanagram Partners, Wood Phillips hired Tanagram to complete a visual rebranding for them, including a new website. They were looking to take a more artful approach to their brand and website.

Working alongside Tanagram’s design team and other members of their development team, I built a set of easy-to-implement HTML and CSS templates that allowed for a progressive enhancement of the navigation and title areas of the site when Adobe Flash was installed. I also assisted with maintenance of the site when Wood Phillips needed updates that were too complicated for them to handle internally.